VMP+3 Science

The initial idea behind VMP+3 was to develop a product line that was highly nutrient dense and easily digestible, convenient to transport, sanitary, tasty and easy to give to toddlers, children and adults. This sounded easy enough until we factored in all the environmental conditions and physical limitations that most of these malnourished and impoverished societies deal with on a daily basis. These include lack of running water and clean water sources. No sewer systems. Extreme temperature variations. No transportation systems for distribution. Mass incidences of illness and disease. And, most importantly, for those most in need of such a product, they have lost their appetites and ability to eat (or swallow) easily.

When all the issues were factored in, developing the solution to this massive problem took on a significantly higher level of complexity. VMP+3 needed to formulate a product, more sophisticated than any product ever developed before. This product line had to be easy to administer and sanitary to use, require no water in order to be consumed, be extremely nutrient dense with high nutrient assimilation (absorbability by the human body), remain stable in a very hostile environments and taste great! We got to work and after years of development, we formulated to right solution. The result is a line of protein based, vitamin and mineral fortified gels, with omega 3 fatty acids, that can be easily and sanitarily administered to toddlers and the weakest adults, as well as mini-drinks that can be consumed by toddlers, children and adults with ease.