VMP+3 Nutrition

VMP Nutrition The Essenials the Body Needs

VMP+3 Nutrition is a convenient and easy to use product line of nutritional gels and drinks designed to attack the world wide problem of malnutrition in toddlers, children and adults. These products contain the most basic building blocks of life, Vitamins, Minerals, Protein and omega 3 fatty acids, hence the name VMP+3. In addition to the essential nutrients, VMP+3 provides healthy fats and carbohydrates, which are all vital to optimal health, physical maturation, immune function and brain development.

When consumed each day, VMP+3 delivers the vital nutrients missing in these empty calorie foods. Most of the nutrients in VMP+3 are at levels meeting the daily requirements as recognized by the World Health Organization. When used in conjunction with such food sources, VMP+3 provides the basic building blocks necessary for proper growth and development which leads to healthier toddlers, children and more productive adults. The result is a huge burden lifted off of the governments and societies who are trying to care for these individuals. Due to the large volume bucket containers we ship VMP+3 in, more than 100 children can be properly nourished for one day.

Gel Packs - Multiple flavors for toddlers, children and adults.