The Need

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Vitamins, minerals, protein and omega-3 fatty acids must be made readily available to people cut-off from healthy food supplies.

Malnutrition Map The top 20 countries with the most children affected by malnutrition garnered roughly USD $300 million in contributions. Compare this to $5.7 billion in assistance for HIV/AIDS, even though AIDS represents 4% of child deaths under 5 years old compared to 53% from malnutrition.

VMP Nutrition FoundationIn order to combat malnutrition, we have developed a nutrient dense, ready to use product that is affordable and portable, globally. We will meet the need:

  • To supply high quality, nutrient dense, ready to consume solution.
  • To reach as many toddlers and children as possible.
  • To provide safe and hygienic consumption for toddlers.
  • To maximize product access distribution and use.
  • To coordinate with existing global aid providers and government agencies.